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This fairy tale is about the journey of two leaders, Larry and Safra, as they set out to create the perfect cloud that could do anything and everything.

Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, there were two brave and clever leaders named Larry and Safra. They had a grand dream to create a special cloud that could do anything and everything, just like a magic wand.

Larry and Safra set off on an adventure to gather the smartest and most talented people in the land to help them achieve their dream. They traveled to the highest mountains and across the widest oceans, facing many challenges along the way. But they never gave up, because they knew that their dream was worth it.

They met many other leaders who had also tried to build a cloud, but Larry and Safra saw that their clouds had flaws. So, they decided to learn from their mistakes and to wait until they had found the perfect solutions before they began building their own cloud.

Years passed as they journeyed far and wide, gathering knowledge and ideas from the brightest minds in the land. They climbed treacherous mountains, crossed stormy seas, and braved scorching deserts in their quest for the perfect cloud.

Finally, after many long years, their quest was complete. They had gathered all of the information they needed to build the most wonderful cloud the land had ever seen. It was like a magic wand that could do anything and everything, just like they had hoped.

Their cloud was called "Oracle Cloud" and it could do many things. It could help customers run their work on their own computers, like a magic wand that could make things happen right in front of you. It could also help customers run their work on a special computer far away, like a magic wand that could make things happen anywhere in the world. And it could help customers run their work on a computer that was just for them, like a magic wand that only they could use.

But the most special thing about Oracle Cloud was its multi-cloud strategy. This meant that any customer who used other clouds, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, could easily interact and work with Oracle Cloud too. This was like a magic wand that could make all clouds work together, like a big happy family.

The people of the land were amazed by Larry and Safra's magic cloud. They knew that their businesses could now thrive like never before, and they hailed Larry and Safra as heroes. Word of their success spread far and wide, and soon, other leaders in the land came to them, seeking their guidance and expertise.

And so, Larry and Safra's kingdom of the cloud continued to grow and flourish. But the Cloud King and Queen did not rest on their laurels. They knew that there were always new adventures to be had and new magic to be discovered. So, they set off on a new quest, ready for whatever challenges lay ahead.



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