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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

This fairy tale is about a girl named Olivia who discovers Instagram and becomes obsessed with getting likes and followers.

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fairy tales about instagram

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a little girl named Olivia. She was 8 years old and loved spending time with her older sister.

One day, her sister introduced her to a magical app called Instagram.

With Instagram, Olivia could take pictures with her phone and share them with her friends and family. She could also see pictures that other people had taken and posted on the app. Olivia loved exploring the app and looking at all the beautiful pictures.

She quickly learned how to add filters to her pictures to make them even more beautiful. She also learned how to use hashtags, which are like labels that help other people find her pictures. For example, if Olivia took a picture of her dog, she could add the hashtag #dogsofinstagram, and other people who were interested in dogs could find her picture.

Olivia had so much fun using Instagram that she started using it every day. She loved seeing how many likes and comments she got on her pictures. She also started following other people, which meant that their pictures would appear in her feed.

As Olivia continued to use Instagram, she started to feel more and more popular. She loved getting likes and comments from her friends and even from people she didn't know. She started to feel important and special.

As Olivia continued to use Instagram every day, she started to change without realizing it. She became so focused on making her pictures pleasing to others that she forgot about all the other things she used to enjoy. She stopped playing with her toys and reading her favorite books, and instead spent all her time taking and editing pictures for Instagram.

Olivia also became obsessed with becoming famous and rich. She started to believe that the most important thing in life was to have lots of followers and likes on Instagram. She spent hours each day trying to come up with the perfect picture or caption to get more attention.

But despite her efforts, Olivia didn't feel any happier. In fact, she felt even more stressed and anxious. She was always worried about whether her pictures were good enough, and she felt jealous of other people who seemed to have more followers and likes than her.

Olivia didn't realize it, but she was sacrificing her happiness and well-being for the sake of Instagram. She had forgotten what it was like to just enjoy life without worrying about what other people thought of her.

But little did Olivia know, there was a dark side to Instagram. Some people only posted pictures that made their lives look perfect, even if that wasn't the case. This made Olivia and some of her friends feel bad about themselves and their own lives.

One day, Olivia's sister sat her down and explained to her the dangers of Instagram. She told her that not everything on the app was real, and that it was important to be careful about what she saw and believed.

Olivia was sad to learn this, but she was also grateful to her sister for teaching her the truth.

From that day on, she continued to use Instagram, but she was more careful about what she saw and how it made her feel. She also made sure to spend time with her friends and family in real life, where she could enjoy the beauty of the world without the filters.



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