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This is a fairy tale story about Anna a curious and bright young girl who loves to explore and play outdoors. She becomes interested in the world of technology and coding and decides to start learning how to code. She uses visual block platforms and text-based coding programs to improve her skills and create her own games and apps. As she continues to learn and improve, Anna is excited to see where her passion for coding will take her next.

Anna was a bright and curious little girl who loved nothing more than spending hours exploring and playing in the outdoors. She was always eager to learn new things and try new things, and she had a natural curiosity about the world around her.

As Anna grew older, she became increasingly interested in the world of technology and how it worked. She spent hours playing games like Minecraft on her computer and trying to understand how they were made.

One day, Anna became curious about how she could create her own game. She had always been fascinated by the way Minecraft was made and how she could control everything within the game. So, she decided to start learning how to code.

Anna's mom told her that coding was a way to give instructions to computers, and that there were many different coding languages that programmers could use. Anna's mom also told her that programmers could create virtually anything they wanted, with no limitations. They could create new and interesting games, apps, platforms and programs that could make life easier for people all over the world.

And best of all, programmers could have fun while they worked, and they could earn huge amounts of money doing something they loved. Anna was excited about the prospect of becoming a programmer and using her skills to make a difference in the world. This is when Anna started to spent hours researching different coding languages and methods.

She discovered that there were visual block platforms that allowed her to snap together virtual code blocks to create games, apps, and more. These platforms were designed to be fun and easy, and they were a great way for Anna to start learning how to code.

Anna also learned about text-based coding programs, which used real programming languages within a closed platform or real text editors. These were more difficult to use, but Anna was determined to become more advanced and start learning them as well.

Excited to start her journey as a coder, Anna got a new computer so that she could code as much as she liked. She began using visual block platforms to create her own mods for Minecraft, and she was thrilled with the results.

As she continued to learn and improve her coding skills, Anna couldn't wait to see where her new passion would take her. She knew that the world of coding was vast and full of endless possibilities, and she was excited to see what adventures it would lead her on next.



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